Bitcoin transactions
Tracking live bitcoin transactions by capturing events on the blockchain

Super Mario password checker
Possibly the best looking password checker on the internet. This Super mario-themed checker will pass a a minor part of a locally calculated SHA256 hash to to check if the password you types exists in the database of stolen credentials. 

Blockchain activity visualized

Node trees created to visualize unconfirmed bitcoin transactions as they are pushed to the blockchain. Each transaction is represented with a node. Each type of node is represented with a color. New transactions are linked to any existing transaction with a matching hash/address.


Tasm to Kick Assembly
Convert Commodore 64 TASM code to Kick Assembly

Kickass memory allocation tool

Paste memory map output from Kick Assembler into textarea and click Parse (or use Auto parse).
Select which memory map to edit with ALT + [num] or click the radio buttons below the gauges.

Documentation embedded in the webpage.