Gameproject taking shape

Our game is taking shape as ideas turn into a playable test pilot. Everything is still bare metal and props, but its working and that feels great. We will continue to test different concepts for the game mechanics. Some ideas has to be experienced before we can tell if the gameplay is fun or not. The most challenging part is the multiplayer aspect since it requires a authorative stateengine. 


Gameproject started

Insoft has join an initiatie to create a new mobile game. This game has been discussed for many years and we ae happy that this finally becomes a reality. The market for indiegame is uncertain and the odds of having a successful game release is not that good. But the potential is there and we are prepared to give it a shot. Our test pilot is looking good so far.


Opening of the new office

A small opening party was held to celebrate the new shared office usd by Insoft och Thargelion. Finally everything is set and ready!